White Bump on Gums, not Painful, above, below Tooth, Baby, Spots, Sore, Home Remedy, Get Rid, Pictures

Bumps that form on your gums are mild condition for us, noncancerous growths in our mouth can be caused by an irritation and they are relatively normal. In case they get be more serious conditions, white bumps on gums or lumps may indicate to be cancerous. Therefore you may have to visit your doctor who may remove by surgery. How white bump [...]

Painful Gums, Causes, Home Remedy, Sore, in Back of Mouth, Jaw, between Teeth, around Tooth, Relief

Painful, sore, red gums can be a symptom of gum inflammation or, more likely, periodontitis which is inflammation of the attachment fibres of the teeth and supporting bone. This can arise due to a number of different causes, including poor oral hygiene with improper brushing or flossing. Inflammation of the gums may manifest as painful gums, sensitivity, redness and [...]

How to Stop Receding Gums, Reverse, Grow Back, from Injury, Brushing, Fast, without Surgery

Receding gums, as the name itself suggests, occurs when the gum tissue around your teeth wear away and the gums seem to recede backwards making a larger area of the surface of tooth more visible. When your gums recede, it gives rise to gaps between your teeth and gum line. This makes it easy for bacteria [...]

Purple Gums Causes, Smoking, Black People, Dark Red, Spots, How to Get Rid, Treat, Pink

Purple gums are caused by gum disease and can be a sign of both gingivitis and periodontitis, as per research findings. Gum disease results from infection that causes inflammation. This inflammation process causes discoloration of the gums along with bleeding, bad breath, shiny gums and mouth sores. Gum disease is preventable with good oral hygiene habits and [...]

Lump on Gum or Cyst? Hard, Painful, White, Bump, above Tooth, Cyst, Causes and How to Get Rid

Lumps on gum commonly form on either the upper or the lower jaw, very close to the cheek. In many cases, people do not realize the presence of these lumps, since they are usually painless. However, they do get harden eventually and this is when people usually notice the lumps. How Lumps on Gum form [...]

Swollen Gums around Tooth, Wisdom, Back of Mouth, Painful, Home Remedy, Over the Counter Medicine, How to Treat

Your gums are very important to your oral health. The gums are made of firm, pink tissue that covers your jawbones. This tissue is thick, fibrous, and full of blood vessels. If your gums become swollen, they may protrude, or bulge out. Swelling of your gums usually begins where the gum meets the tooth. Your gums [...]

Pale Gums, Causes, around Teeth, White, Patches, Sore, Light Pink, How to Get Rid, Anemia

This condition can be caused by anemia, because the body either lacks sufficient red blood cells or sufficient hemoglobin, it fails to receive sufficient oxygen, causing the skin to turn pale. The increased paleness is particularly prominent in the gums, nail beds and inner eyelids. Research has it that, the most obvious and common symptom of [...]

Infected Gums, Causes, Home Remedies, Pictures, How to Get Rid, Treatment over the Counter, Gumball, Cancer

Since serious gum infections are not extremely common, they can lead to major issues if not treated in a timely manner. While most of us aspire to keep our teeth and gums healthy, your gums can be prone to gum infection if not cared for properly. Infection occurs when germs or bacteria enter a susceptible site in [...]

Black Spot on Gums, between Tooth, Painful, How to Get Rid, Causes, Dark Spots, Photos, near Wisdom Tooth, from Smoking, Bruise

This type of a condition can affect your appearance and be embarrassing, but they are not generally a cause for concern and there are many potential causes. However they are still worth investigating as in some cases they may be a sign of oral malignant melanoma which is a form of oral cancer and can be [...]

Bleeding Gums Causes, without or when Brushing, around Tooth, Symptoms, What to do, How to Stop

Bleeding gums are caused by inadequate plaque removal. Plaque contains germs which attack the healthy tissue around the teeth, causing the gums to become inflamed and irritated, which may cause them to bleed when brushing or flossing. This kind of condition is known as Gingivitis and is the first stage of gum disease. Gingivitis is usually [...]

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